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American AB-parel

16 Apr


Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

5 Dec


How to Succeed in Business Without  Really Trying! No matter what you do, wear it well… I mean do it well! It is crucial to make the best of what we do and Dress for Success. Even if you wear a uniform, take some time to make it your own. Stand out by looking better than the other Guys and Dolls. Take it to a tailor, or add little personal touches to your look with accessories. It is a proven fact that when you feel good, you present yourself better, and that will attract more abundance in your life. There is more to being dapper than just your duds. Style can be the way you talk to your clients, the way you write an e-mail, how you carry your iPad, or the Wicked words you say! So don’t be a Gypsy when it comes to the Rent, try stepping up your swagger in your daily grind.  Now you’re ready to enjoy The Sweet Smell Of Success!



Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

15 Oct


Don’t let your duds be your first date downfall. Guys and Dolls this is your guide to garb that tells your story without a word. Make sure you don something that is truly you whether that’s leather or lace this is your visual merchandising, no false advertising please! Flirt with fashion…just one item only! Something that shows of those guns or gams, your best ASSet.  Wear a color that people compliment you on and  accessorize with a story. A vintage bracelet you bought on that trip you took to Paris with a friend or your grandpa’s pocket watch, these are great conversation pieces when you find yourself in a what to say next moment.  Whatever you do, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, wear anything your ex gave you! Don’t even talk about your ex for that matter. They did not receive an invite!