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Some Pillow Talk with @brandonliberati

23 Sep


Are frayed ends leaving you broken hair-ted? Let’s talk about silks! A silk pillow case can reduce split ends, bed head, skin irritations and leave both your hair and skin looking orgasmic! This is because it helps you retain moisture. It has the lowest absorption rate of any fabric, especially cotton. And that means less products like moisturizers and leave-in conditioners that you need to apply on your body. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic with a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and molds. And is made of common amino acids found in your hair and skin. Which means less wrinkles… ON YOUR FACE! Plus it’s machine washable, so tell me just one thing before you go… was it good for you?



7 Jul


Want an easy trick to a fabulous dewy complexion? Drink water with fresh organic mint! One glass a day of this lively libation is all it takes. For a more intense  effect, boil the mint leaves in water and then put in the ice box to cool. This will bring your skin radiant enjoyMINT!




A Smoker doesn’t prioritize their health, so why are they going to care about yours?

12 Mar

I completely understand that saying such statements will have “smokers” fuming, that’s ok, it’s actually said with love & compassion.  Quitting smoking has been compared to quitting heroin.  This is not an easy over night journey for most.  The message here – “We care about your health SMOKERS, even if you don’t”.

I LOVE NY! I absolutely detest walking the Manhattan street sidewalks.  To quote a lyric from Sweeney Todd the musical “CITY ON FIRE!”. Second hand smoke is so obnoxious. Why should us non-smokers have to deal with this?  Which leads me to have this discussion…

“A Smoker doesn’t prioritize their health, so why are they going to care about yours”.

I’ve personally never smoked, I have many family members that do.  It baffles and concerns me greatly that these people I love with all my heart still choose smoking over their own health, and over the possibility of getting sick or even dying from such an addiction.  Are they seriously alright with leaving their family relationships prematurely for these tobacco sticks??? This is serious! Why aren’t we talking about how controlled our loved ones are by the cigarette industry? And who is behind this?

Let’s start the intervention, and if you have already been talking about it… talk about it again.  It’s time to stand up for your own health as well. We can send love and support for those needing to quit this disguising, selfish, addiction. Do not allow people to smoke around you.   You can’t stop LOVE & PROGRESS.


Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

12 Dec



The only thing shiny about your look should be your personality. If a greasy guise is your demise then you should be making your own oil absorbing blotting papers! These are a useful beauty product that can keep you looking polished and shine free all day long by removing excess oil from your face. Women can use these without ruining or removing their makeup, and men, you also suffer from a slippery surFACE! All you need is an old compact case, and men you can use an old playing card case. A few sheets of rice paper ( for a less natural option you can use gift wrapping tissue paper) and a pair of scissors. Trace the interior of the case and cut the paper to fit. For those of you that require a bit more oil control you can sprinkle corn powder between the sheets. This is the only time  a lack luster look is not a problem.

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

6 Dec


Are you tired of faking flawless skin? Shaving shouldn’t leave you with road rash. This is your recipe for baby bottom realness. A homemade, good-for-you, version of an expensive and harsh product called Tend Skin. A product used for getting rid of ingrown hairs and razor burn. All you need is a clean, empty glass bottle, ½ cup rubbing alcohol (70% kind),1 teaspoon witch hazel and 20 uncoated aspirin! Mix everything up in your container. After you shave you just rub your concoction on the area and let it soak in. Make sure to shake well before each use on your face, legs, underarms, bikini line or wherever you decorticate.  Because it’s natural, the mix should last about a week. If it starts to smell like funk, it’s time to junk and make a new batch. Don’t you just love being comfortable in your own skin!

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

28 Aug


Try this paranormal herbal oil if you need a dermal disinfectant. You can try this spell after you shave your gams or your guise. That over-the-counter witches brew your using is full of black magic toxins! Just a few drops of Lavender oil is all the antiseptic potion you’ll need for any type of abrasions. If you have been cursed with migraines, exorcise them by applying 3-5 drops of the oily concoction on your upper lip and inhale for 15 minutes to start to feel the incantations effects! And remember my pretty, you can use this on your little dog too!

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

7 Nov


Whether from the sun or senility, those dark dalmation marks on your paws or muzzle won’t win you best in show. This trick will treat spots with a simple mix of 2 tablespoons of juice from an organic lemon  and 1 teaspoon of raw organic sugar. Mix well and apply on discoloration in a circular motion with your finger or swab ( I prefer not to waste so I use my finger). Make it sit and stay for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water and moisturize with funscreen. Now your skin will look “fetch”ing!