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Some Pillow Talk with @brandonliberati

23 Sep


Are frayed ends leaving you broken hair-ted? Let’s talk about silks! A silk pillow case can reduce split ends, bed head, skin irritations and leave both your hair and skin looking orgasmic! This is because it helps you retain moisture. It has the lowest absorption rate of any fabric, especially cotton. And that means less products like moisturizers and leave-in conditioners that you need to apply on your body. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic with a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and molds. And is made of common amino acids found in your hair and skin. Which means less wrinkles… ON YOUR FACE! Plus it’s machine washable, so tell me just one thing before you go… was it good for you?



20 Mar


If you are always traveling to other far away kingdoms and lands, it is easy to forget some of your magical product potions!  If your shape is shifting into an unrecognizable animal, this  mystic trick will transform your hair back into the divine “do” it was born to be! Just “raise the bar”… a wet bar of soap!  Use it to sculpt and style! Men also love the matte finish it gives their strapping styles.  Now that’s a look you can wear…woof!


Joe Manganiello as True Blood’s “Alcide” is one hot dog that should be careful not to drop the soap!



16 Dec




 Anyone who know me knows that I love a great bag! I wanted to share this HIPP designer with you and encourage you to support these creative small business owners that are bringing us amazing products that have heart and soul. HIPP & Kirk founder and designer Lauren Milroy’s journey is hardly typical. Born and raised in California, she first studied mechanical engineering and worked in the aerospace industry before attending Stanford University’s graduate program in Product Design. She honed her skills as a designer at an outdoor gear company, creating bags and researching color trends. On her time off she started her blog, Hippanonymous, where she shared her favorite finds in design, fashion, cocktails and travel. Her designs are heritage classics with a twist of color. They are inspired by the sunkissed glamour of Manhattan Beach, where the designer once lived, and by L.A’s laid-back, fun loving lifestyle – from barbecues to rooftop parties and Bikram sessions. Lauren prototypes new designs from her home studio using a 40-year-old industrial sewing machine. All her bags are manufactured in California using high-quality canvas and metal hardware. They are made to last a lifetime. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! To order  for the holidays or just for yourself go to http://hippandkirk.com. Head into this New Year with style!

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

12 Dec



The only thing shiny about your look should be your personality. If a greasy guise is your demise then you should be making your own oil absorbing blotting papers! These are a useful beauty product that can keep you looking polished and shine free all day long by removing excess oil from your face. Women can use these without ruining or removing their makeup, and men, you also suffer from a slippery surFACE! All you need is an old compact case, and men you can use an old playing card case. A few sheets of rice paper ( for a less natural option you can use gift wrapping tissue paper) and a pair of scissors. Trace the interior of the case and cut the paper to fit. For those of you that require a bit more oil control you can sprinkle corn powder between the sheets. This is the only time  a lack luster look is not a problem.

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

7 Dec


Grimy grippers are just plain gross. Clean, white nails are attractive no matter what gender you are! This tip will whiten and buff those pincers. Men, try adding this to your regimen when you cut your nails (hands AND feet!). This will also remove any yellow discoloration caused by nail polish ladies.  Gently scrub them with toothpaste and a recycled, soft toothbrush or buffer. Gentle men, don’t overdue it. Do not use gel, use paste!  Now add a few drops of lemon juice and your clutches will come alive, instead of  looking dead as  door NAILS!

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

10 Dec


Why did so many people get so “high” and mighty about the hip hop fashion trend sagging? At least all we were “exposed” to was a pair of boxers. The skinny-jean-love-handle-ass-crack epidemic has went viral. I love my slim denims, but let’s clarify something. The jeans are not just skinnier in the legs, they also have a lower rise, (the distance from your crotch to your hips) which means a whole lot of unmasked matako (look it up.). I have seen more hairy bottoms in Silverlake  than in a Titan film. So if you are going to wear a cool tee or anything else untucked that WILL ride up, invest in a thin, light weight tank to wear as an undershirt. Then tuck tightly it into your jeans. Now you can bend and snap without everyone being all up in your badonkadonk. Like the late and great Whitney Houston said,” Let’s get one thing straight. Crack is cheap.”.



Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

19 Nov


Tired of smelling like every other guy or gal?  This tip will leave them with an aroma that is all your owna!  Take at least 2, not more than 3, of your sniffer’s fave flavors and mix them!  Fragrances tend to be broken down into categories such as;  citrus, chypre (spice), floral or orientals just to name a few.  Blending a few of your beloveds will have you “sui generis” instead of “so generic”.

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

9 Nov


Want to add some tousle to your tresses? Dudes this is a rip tip you can ride too! This texturizing mixture will have you makin’ maverick’s.  Partially fill a recycled spray bottle with filtered or distilled water. For every ounce of water mix 1 tsp of finely ground sea salt (add more sea salt for even more totally bitchen’ barrels). Then add a  1/2 a tsp of conditioner, this is all the “rash guard” you ‘ll need to combat dryness (use coconut scented for a major beach “boost”). For extra hold add a dab of gel.  Shake well and spritz your surf spray. Now that’s tubular, wipe out free waves.

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

1 Nov


A gap looks like crap when it’s between the buttons of your shirt! Busting buttons are boorish so this is your ticket to finding a tailor. Duds that don’t fit can make you appear larger and make quality garments look garish. Women the first place to tucker will most likely be at your ta-ta’s. Especially if your shoulders are smaller than the “twins”. Men your gut is your rut. Make sure these areas fit and look fabulous and let the tailor trim the fat from your frock.  1. Look for a tailor in your area with rave reviews. 2. Ask your local fashionistas. 3. Men look for someone who specializes in manly. 4. Buzz the boutiques and see where they send their biz. 5. Ditch the department stores! 6. Look at they’re latest work. 7. Or at least a see a photo. 8. Slip them into something a little more easy initially to see their skill ( don’t discover incompetence on your Dior) 9. Talk with the tailor NOT at them. 10. Make sure it’s worth their skill, no cheap chaps! Now you’ve put the FIT back in outfit!

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

25 Oct


Don’t let cold weather leave you woeful. If your chassis gets chilled you’ll be singing a shaky version of Foreigner’s “Cold As Ice”. Let this be your lodestar to layering!

Your first peel of polar prevention ( the one that is closest to your skin) should be a lightweight tight fitting Polypropylene, silk, polyester, Thermax, Thinsulate, or wool. Do not make the all to frequent faux pas of cotton because it traps moisture, it stays soggy, and actually draws heat from you. The second layer should lasso that warmth and keep it corralled.  This  material includes down, polyester, fleece, wool and new synthetic/natural blends. The outer shell protects and serves from any wet cold cons from breaking into your secure warm under cover. This material should be something water resistant like Gortex, leather, or any winter overcoat. And don’t forget  those feet. Anyone who knows me will attest to my foot fashion, I love a great pair of fabulous, colorful wool blend socks. Follow these simple steps and this winter and the only Foreigner song you’ll be singing is”Hot In The City”!