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2 Jul

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Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

25 Sep


There are many expensive quick-dry oil sprays to put on your freshly painted nails. And most of them are full of harmful ingredients. This tip will save you money, really works, and has ingredients you actually would ingest…reach for your natural cooking spray!  Just be sure it’s an unflavored version or your French manicure will smell like French fries.

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

12 Sep


At New York Fashion Week the mani’s are just as gorgeous as the garb!  I posted a tip on how to “nail it the first time… a trial “run” yesterday! This tip will help you perfect the painting you chose for your paws.

A few of the trends in nails that are haute off the catwalk are glamorously gilded nails,  strike gold with this trend. Maybe Navy is more your niche, its just as sexy as black but a bit more casual like a great pair of dark-washed jeans. Sexy swirls can be achieved by picking several colorful hues like the hot color this season chianti with orange and maybe a pink and a navy coiled in hypnotic spirals with a toothpick (its okay if the colors bleed a bit together) will help you create the perfect Nicole Miller runway nail. Nude is the Neutral nail enamel this season, think beige bone…beautiful! 3-D elicious daggers are moody and dramatic, pick 3 colors, start with a dark color first then add a stripe of the mid shade and then  highlight with lightest lacquer. Or make up your own Fabulous fashion nails. To neaten your nail art just dab “FASELINE “  on skin around your cuticles pre-polish. This way, if you make a mistake, the polish, is easily wiped away with the lube.

Nail It the First Time Fashionista!

11 Sep

Nail it the First Time Fashionista!

Nail art is hot on the runways this year at Fashion Week. This tip will let you take a color for a test “run” or create a design and give you the discretion to ditch! You can do this without the mess of applying and removing by simply  placing a small piece of clear tape over your pincer and paint!