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18 Jul

Hope you enjoy the month of “JULY” and the cover of this upcoming year’s “MAN AND MACHINE” 2014 calendar.  TRUST ME, I’m in good company here, check out the other models, it’s going to be a HOT 2014 year! For a limited time these calendars are available under the “SHOP” link on my website (see below) and will be personally autographed and shipped to you directly.

I’m grateful to be put on the cover. These calendars have featured the names and careers of some of the most well known fitness professionals including the one and only “FABIO”.

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Man and Machine Calendar

1 Nov

OK as silly as this sounds – One of my proudest Fitness Modeling Career check marks came a few years back 2010 when StarWest Inc asked me to be a featured model in their Calendar.  They gave me the big full month of Nov and turned it out for me by blowing up my picture and featuring it on the back of the year in review page.  I’ve always struggled a bit emotionally and mentally as a fitness model and found myself in more uncomfortable discriminatory situations then not.  So I have got to give credit to Star West and their forward thinking.

They asked me to partake in 2014’s calendar recently and of course I jumped at the chance.  I ask you all to please invest in not these obviously incredible handsome men and beautiful women with sexy motorcycles but to also invest in this company that supports equality in an industry with very dated views.  Here is a picture capturing a moment right before I headed to my impressive bike.
Talented Makeup Expert Teri Groves applies last minute touches and Brandon Liberati provides the “hair did”.   I know he’s my partner and all but I have to give Brandon credit here, I’ve never been more confident with a haircut and style in any shoot in my career.  Thank you Brandon!