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3 Aug

We had the “pleasure” of being on Madam Susan Austin‘s weekly talk show on Joint Studio‘s radio. She runs the world famous brothel The Mustang Ranch in Nevada and appeared in the reality show The Mustang Ranch, A Labor of Love. Listen to us talk about everything from orgasims and beauty to fitness and fornicating  (square beware!). Just click the link below to get an ear full, we are #8 that aired on 8-02-13!




28 Nov

Anyone that knows me, knows how important it is for me to stay connected to my “ROOTS”! By roots I not only mean the Canadian athletic Olympic clothing company, but also where I am from… Windsor, Essex County, Ontario Canada. Thank you to The Drive magazine for covering my efforts to spread my message and motivation for people to move. I would love to hear where you are from and what “drives”your community to stay physically motivated and healthy!


Listen to Craig Ramsay on The All Out Show with Rude Jude and Lord Sear

11 Oct

It was a wild interview last month with Rude Jude and Lord Sear on The All Out Show on SiriusXM.

LISTEN HERE:  Craig Ramsay on The All Out Show

And you can pick up my book “The Anatomy of Stretching”, get details on my DVD, phone apps and Skype Consultations on my WEBSITE.

On The Run Blog: The Home Stretch

10 Oct

While in D.C., I had the good fortune to meet Paula Wolfson and talk about my stretching book.  Click here to check out this great article at WTOP.

More photos with Paula and I at Epic Yoga in Washington, D.C.  Special thanks to Troy Petenbrink and the staff at Epic Yoga.

ET Canada Segment Featuring Craig Ramsay

4 Oct

While on the book tour in Canada, I had a great opportunity to appear on ET Canada.  Check out my segment!

Listen to Coach Craig on The Qiew

5 Sep

I had a great interview on The Qiew with host Paul “Hot” Karle on Blog Talk Radio last week.

LISTEN HERE:  Craig Ramsay on The Qiew

Six Pack at Six Flags

1 Sep

I want to invite everyone in the New York area, to join Brandon Liberati, Kevin Rhodes, Amy Rivard, Bruce Glikas, Mark Nelson and I to the Jerseylicious event, Fairgrounds VIII, better known as ‘Gay and Lesbian Day at Six Flags’.

It will take place on Friday, September 14th from 6pm until midnight at Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ.  It is the largest private LGBT event in the United States with a portion of the net proceeds benefiting the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund.

For tickets and more information, visit www.outinevents.com or www.gaysixflags.com.  VIP and Group Tickets can be purchased by mail.  Please email gage@outinevents.com.

Thank you Odyssey Magazine for this fun interview.  Get your tickets today and I will see your booty at the event!