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Some Pillow Talk with @brandonliberati

23 Sep


Are frayed ends leaving you broken hair-ted? Let’s talk about silks! A silk pillow case can reduce split ends, bed head, skin irritations and leave both your hair and skin looking orgasmic! This is because it helps you retain moisture. It has the lowest absorption rate of any fabric, especially cotton. And that means less products like moisturizers and leave-in conditioners that you need to apply on your body. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic with a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and molds. And is made of common amino acids found in your hair and skin. Which means less wrinkles… ON YOUR FACE! Plus it’s machine washable, so tell me just one thing before you go… was it good for you?



2 Jul


Most guys  have serious issues trimming their sideburns correctly. It is the difference between looking well-groomed and looking well…ridiculous . This is how to make them complement your face shape and cut.  Women help your guy out , I can’t be the only person noticing and bothered by this!!

SHORT- Stubbs that stop at the top of the ear..try these with a flattop or if you are 12.  Leave them their natural width but trim them frequently with an electric razor so they don’t get bushy. And if you have a big round face ( or have gone through puberty)  don’t go short or your face will only look rounder.

MEDIUM- Mid-length sideburns should be cropped right above the cartilage in the middle of your ear. I like to pair these burns with a basic short, tight back and sides cut.These don’t need as much attention as their pre pubescent counterpart. These look great with a little scruff and if your face is oval this is your burn. Anything longer and you might look like Mr. Ed.

LONG- If you have the look and the face to wear these fab chops (my fave) make sure they are done right. A great tip to use when shaping this burn is to mimic the cut of your jeans! Im a bootcut boy and flare slightly at the bottoms. Just don’t dip below the hollows of your cheeks. If you’re going retro then you can  let them grow past the bottom of your ear. Guys with square faces and a hairstyle with height on top ( pompadour, faux hawk) this mutton is a must.

GETTING EVEN- Most guys make the mistake of using their earlobes as a guide, but they’re not always at the same height! Instead, place your index fingers at the bottoms of your sideburns and imagine a line running between them across your face. Groom them every few days using a trimmer with a guard.

Crunch Fitness Gym Etiquette Tips (reposted for the girl who refuses to put her weights away).

30 Jun

There is this girl who works out at Crunch Gym on Sunset that deliberately does not return her weights to the racks. Even when she is literally two feet away from them she will drop her dumbbells on the floor walk away and take her destructive attitude onward.  A Crunch trainer told me he didn’t mind what she was doing??? WHAT??? Any weight equipment left on the gym floor can be hazard, people injure themselves more from tripping over weights more often than they do from lifting them. So HOPEFULLY this girl or someone who knows her will share this (especially Tip 6) with her.

Tip 1: Avoid blocking the mirrors or standing in front of a dumbbell or other weight rack.
Tip 2: Unless you are Gold’s Gym Venice you should not be grunting and groaning like a wild beast. Release on breath, not vocal cords.
Tip 3: Share equipment & weights. Don’t sit on a machine in between sets. “Work in” with other gym members
Tip 4: Don’t rush around the gym. With all that heavy equipment, there is so much that can really injure you. move slowly but with purpose.
Tip 5: If you have the tendency to poopy at the gym (which can often be inspired by exercising) bring a small room spray or cologne sampler to the restroom with you.
Tip 6: Remove weight plates from a machine or bar when you finish with them, and be sure to put the weights back where you found them.
Tip 7: Wipe off equipment when you are finished, so you don’t “sweat out” your neighbor. Be mindful of others.
Tip 8: Use the lockers. Most gyms have a policy that gym bags cannot be carried around the gym. Gym bags and other comparable material can be potential tripping hazards.
Tip 9: Time manage your workout. Most gyms impose a time limit on using cardio equipment. If the gym is busy, limit your time on a specific cardio machine to 20 mins.
Tip 10: Leave your ego at the door. If you have questions, ask! Gym equipment can be very dangerous. Protect yourself by understanding how a machine works. Ask a gym representative to explain how to correctly use the machines.
If you are new member most gyms offer a complimentary personal training session. Communicate and ask questions with the professional trainer on how to use equipment you are not familiar with.


Make it a GREEN…TEA St Paddy’s Day

17 Mar


Did you know that Green Tea is also good for your hair and skin? It helps protect against harmful UVA rays. Just keep a little spray bottle of it and mist on your face and hair throughout the day for a little added protection!

Beauty IS Skin Deep Pt 2

14 Mar


This is no ordinary apple toner, it’s wishing apple toner. One bite…umm I mean spray… and all your derma dreams will come true. Oh yes fairest one and charming princes, now make a bottle and spray it on!  Your brew is easy to make, just mix 2/3 ALCOHOL FREE witch hazel and 1/3 RAW apple cider vinegar.  Apple cider vinegar contains gentle exfoliating acids to calm acne and balance the pH of your beautiful skin of snow. This homemade spray will also allow your moisturizer to absorb quickly and evenly and is excellent for any type of Acne and break outs on any part of your body!

                            Look! On the skin! The symbol of what lies within.  ~ The Evil Queen


Kristen Stewart is the fairest of them all!


Beauty IS Skin Deep

7 Mar


This sweet face wash will prevent breakouts and leave your face fresh as a daisy! The antibacterial properties in honey work to inhibit acne. Additionally, it removes excess oil but leaves skin moisturized and clean. This natural wash can be used on any part of your body. Just slightly dampen your fingers and massage about 1/2 teaspoon of raw honey over dry face and then rinse. Your bee-autiful skin will have them swarming!



16 Dec




 Anyone who know me knows that I love a great bag! I wanted to share this HIPP designer with you and encourage you to support these creative small business owners that are bringing us amazing products that have heart and soul. HIPP & Kirk founder and designer Lauren Milroy’s journey is hardly typical. Born and raised in California, she first studied mechanical engineering and worked in the aerospace industry before attending Stanford University’s graduate program in Product Design. She honed her skills as a designer at an outdoor gear company, creating bags and researching color trends. On her time off she started her blog, Hippanonymous, where she shared her favorite finds in design, fashion, cocktails and travel. Her designs are heritage classics with a twist of color. They are inspired by the sunkissed glamour of Manhattan Beach, where the designer once lived, and by L.A’s laid-back, fun loving lifestyle – from barbecues to rooftop parties and Bikram sessions. Lauren prototypes new designs from her home studio using a 40-year-old industrial sewing machine. All her bags are manufactured in California using high-quality canvas and metal hardware. They are made to last a lifetime. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! To order  for the holidays or just for yourself go to http://hippandkirk.com. Head into this New Year with style!

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

28 Aug


Try this paranormal herbal oil if you need a dermal disinfectant. You can try this spell after you shave your gams or your guise. That over-the-counter witches brew your using is full of black magic toxins! Just a few drops of Lavender oil is all the antiseptic potion you’ll need for any type of abrasions. If you have been cursed with migraines, exorcise them by applying 3-5 drops of the oily concoction on your upper lip and inhale for 15 minutes to start to feel the incantations effects! And remember my pretty, you can use this on your little dog too!

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

9 Nov


Want to add some tousle to your tresses? Dudes this is a rip tip you can ride too! This texturizing mixture will have you makin’ maverick’s.  Partially fill a recycled spray bottle with filtered or distilled water. For every ounce of water mix 1 tsp of finely ground sea salt (add more sea salt for even more totally bitchen’ barrels). Then add a  1/2 a tsp of conditioner, this is all the “rash guard” you ‘ll need to combat dryness (use coconut scented for a major beach “boost”). For extra hold add a dab of gel.  Shake well and spritz your surf spray. Now that’s tubular, wipe out free waves.

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

19 Oct


Did you know that  your current reality or vibration is partially determined by the mood you project to those around you? AND the reciprocating mood they project back! We call this Mirroring. Wearing dark, somber colors will vacillate a certain vibe. Bright colors and fun, interesting patterns give you a sassy regalement response. I know … black is so flattering and sheik, so save it for those days you’re in an energetic deficit! You have 7 main energy centers in your body called chakras. Each chakra is governed by a color that attracts a certain energy.  Wearing these colors open and activate these centers and will attract the desired buzz.

1st chakra is the root center located at the base of the spine and it’s color is red. Red will attract passion and desire. 2nd chakra is the sexual and emotional connection center located around your navel and it’s color is orange. Orange vibrates creativity, desire, and discovery ( my favorite color!). 3rd chakra is found at the solar plexus and it’s hue is yellow. Yellow will bring self empowerment, identity and integrity. 4th chakra is the heart center and it’s color is green ( or pink). Green/pink will vibrate love, inner balance, compassion, emotional expression,nurturing and forgiveness. 5th chakra is the throat and it’s color is blue. Blue vibes speaking truth, expression, and inner thoughts verbally, communication. 6th chakra is the third eye located at the forehead and it’s color is violet. Violet vibes foresight, intuition, self awareness, peace and imagination ( my second fave). 7th chakra is the crown chakra located at the top of your head and that color is white. White is a culmination of all the colors and reflects purity, faith, inspiration, courage and spirituality. For example, if you’ve had a lovers quarrel and you plan on groveling, wearing green would be the color to persuade your paramour for forgiveness. If seduction is what you savor then red is your flavor! So if you’re manifesting a certain “sensei”tion then follow this guide of guru hues.