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26 Dec

Your workout in the gym should be tough and challenging, but make it easy to fit fitness in your life with these 4 quick organizing tips.

Organize your fitness the night before-
1. Choose and pack a workout outfit, and any necessary toilettes, makeup, hair clip or elastic, sweat towel oh and don’t forget your running shoes and lock.
2. Prepare your morning coffee for the morning, set coffee maker timer 5 minutes before your wake up alarm. So your sense of smell will help wake you up with your alarm.
3. Bottle water in the fridge ready for morning use.
4. SET YOUR ALARM to wake up earlier to accommodate your workout time. Here’s a tip to wake up your mind & body. Have one of your favorite

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24 Mar

“If we all were responsible meat eaters (organic, humane, and know where we are getting our animal products), then we would not only be healthier and more chemically balanced, but we would be more energetically in tune with our planet.” — Craig Ramsay as heard on The Ricki Lake Show May 2013


Vegetable Soup Diet Plans

17 Sep

Vegetable Soups!

There is something to be said about this weight loss trend.  The method behind this madness is this – your body pays more attention to the amount of space your food takes up in your stomach than it does the amount of calories you’re consuming.  Lots of food with a low calorie density – You satisfy your hunger with less calories.

Start your dinner off with a vegetable soup appetizer or have vegetable soup for lunch.

BUT BE WARNED – this trend can sometimes lead to the yoyo dieting habit.  You don’t give your stomach a chance to shrink and get used to smaller portions.  Stay away from this weight loss technique if you have the habit of overeating.