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Stretch it MAMA! Stretching options for expecting Mothers.

22 Apr

For most healthy women experiencing normal pregnancies, stretching has numerous benefits, including:
• It relaxes the body and prepares it for delivery.
• It allows you to practice breathing.
• It helps to ease stress.
During pregnancy, levels of the hormone relaxin rise in a woman’s body. This hormone, which is believed to soften the pubic symphysis in the pelvis and facilitate labor, may be produced up to three months after childbirth. It relaxes ligaments, as well as muscles, and makes pregnant women and new mothers vulnerable to overstretching. Relaxin levels may also remain high after a miscarriage, which can put you at risk for stretching beyond your normal and healthy range.
Here are 6 stretching options. Please share the stretch love! 🙂

StretchingPregnancyDownwardDog StretchingPregnancyGoodMorningStretch StretchingPregnancyHandonKneeStretch StretchingPregnancyTorsoRotation


25 Mar

A couple of days ago I posted on Facebook 6 tips to help you get your splits.  Some of you have asked what specific stretches should be focused on. The following stretching routine is tailored specifically for the purpose of achieving the ability to perform both front splits and side splits. It consists of the following exercises:

1. lower back stretches
2. lying buttock stretch
3. groin & inner-thigh stretch
4. seated calf stretch
5. seated hamstring stretch
6. seated inner-thigh stretch
7. psoas stretch
8. quadricep stretch
9. lying V stretch

This info & more available in my book “Anatomy of Stretching”.  Visit http://www.craigramsayfitness.com to order your autographed copy and be on your way to discovering your splits.

 anatomy of stretching

One of the main reasons I wrote the book “Anatomy of Stretching” is because I want everyone to have the chance to experience the freedom of movement the Broadway Dancer has. Too many people to count have reached out to me over the years with a goal to achieve the splits. I’ve developed routines that will help get you there. Visit my website and pick up your copy of my book and achieve your splits.

Fibromyalgia Health/Wellness Tips from my Mom

18 Dec

When my Mother was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia many years ago I was angry and confused not only because my mother was in severe pain 24/7 but also because there seemed to be an enormous lack of information and advice out there.  There STILL is not enough information out there.  I will be posting my training advice and medical hot tub dyna band exercise routine that worked for my mom next week but I wanted to share my Mom’s personal advice she has for other women who suffer:


-Warm your muscles before exercise.  (She has a medical hot tub set around body temperature)

-When exercising with Fibro be very aware of your movements, make each movement with every exercise deliberate, controlled, and slow.  Balance is often times compromised so safety first.

-Obtaining sleep is your #1 priority.  (I will have her share her techniques for this in a future blog post as I know they are extensive). Do not exercise before bed, have a personalized calming routine, Chamomile Tea, Meditation.

-Be kind to yourself, don’t fill your life with DON’T ‘s and CAN’T ‘s, concentrate on what you CAN do!

-Don’t apologize for what you are unable to do and perform.  It is not your fault and there is no need to apologize.

-Concentrate on the positives in life not the negatives.

-When people help you, help them in return with what you can do for people without pain, this will make you feel good about yourself and feel like you are giving back.  For my mother that’s being a good listener, being there for people, checking in with them on the phone, organizing friends and family members taxes, cooking (when she feels physically capable).

-Esteemable acts create self esteem.  Tidy up the house, make the bed, make a healthy lunch salad, movement (walking), charity work (raise funds via web and phone)

-Mom discusses with me “FibroFog” and how it can effect the whole day, your relationship around you and communication with everyone including your Doctor.  Therefore, she stresses the importance of taking the time to write down all your necessary talking points that need to be communicated to your Doctor well in advance before your appointment.

-Most Fibro women struggle for years about whether to take medication or not.  For a long time Mom felt like taking medication meant losing control.  Eventually she realized taking low dose medication was taking control of her life.  Today she does not depend on medication but a combination of therapies that work for her.

-Understand that it might take some time and work with your Doctor to find the right combination of medicine and therapies to find what works for you.

-Biofeedback.  Mom has utilized this machine and form of therapy to help teach her how to find her breathing and relaxation.  This intrigues me very much and I feel it deserves it’s own future blog post, stay tuned.

-Meditate, put pain at the back of your mind instead of forefront.

-Food can aggravate Fibromyalgia, my mom finds that wine, chocolate, fats and gluten among other things can lead to a flare up and what our family calls an “episode”.

-It’s really important for your family and friends to understand Fibromyalgia.  Ask your loved ones to research it, and share with them your condition, successes, frustrations, and outline how they can help, chances are they want to help and they can only do this if you make yourself VULNERABLE and communicate.  You are not a failure with revealing the truth. Please no guilt with this.

-Mom wants to communicate that they used to think Fibro was a form of arthritis, now they are leaning towards “heywire nerves”.



7 Dec

tin man

I received an early Christmas gift this year, a couple of trend and lifestyle magazines listed my latest book, “The Anatomy of Stretching” on their  things to give this holiday season!  So listen to these guys this Christmas and have a “HEART”, give the gift of health! Visit http://www.craigramsayfitness.com to order your autographed copy for yourself or for a loved one before Christmas.


26 Jul


Just because you can do the splits DOES NOT mean that you are flexible.  In the same way, if you cannot do the splits, it does not mean you are inflexible.  Other than impressive, the wide split is not very useful except in certain combat sports or in dance or gymnastics where it is used in a few set figures.  However, all body types are not made to do the splits.  Since the splits involve only a single joint and are not extremely useful your stretching program should not focus solely on the splits.





11 Mar



Excerpts from Jenni’s blog

Week 1 Starting Weight 216 lbs

Within hours of arriving back in NY, I learned that a friend had passed away earlier that morning — at the tender age of 27, from a heart attack no less.

I very much wanted some comfort food. I opened my cabinet and reached for the pasta box….but then, I stopped.  For the first time in my life, I was aware of my behavior and my emotional connection with food.

I’m going to take this challenge to not only transform physically but mentally.

Week 2 – 9.8lbs lost

Making this experience public has given me a sense of responsibility I’ve never had before and feel the tides changing down to my toes. This time will be different, I will succeed and we will do it together.

Week 3 – 13.5 lbs lost

Think less like a flower, and more like a prepubescent 13 year old boy. It’s about to get a little TMI in here, but I am one stinky lady!

My name is Jenni and I am recovering girdle-holic and I am happy to report that I am going on three weeks girdle free! I have been wearing a girdle since I was 12 years old.

My clothes are getting a little looser and I am getting PUMPED to see how I will look in my wedding dress.


Week 4 – 14lbs lost

I finally did it. I reached the dreaded plateau. I worked my butt out all week and outside of my wedding cake tasting (yum!) ate really healthy. In theory I did everything I was suppose to, so why in the H-E-Double Hocky Sticks didn’t I lose any weight this week?

since I didn’t see a change on the scale, I decided to test my blood sugar. I’ve been nervous about this moment for many reasons, mainly because I was scared of seeing a high number and what that might mean with my history of diabetes.

All week, I tested with finger sticks, one fasting, one after each meal, one just for the hell of it. All NORMAL. With no meds just exercise and portion control and better meal choices.

Please show your support and follow Jenni’s journey!


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28 Nov

Anyone that knows me, knows how important it is for me to stay connected to my “ROOTS”! By roots I not only mean the Canadian athletic Olympic clothing company, but also where I am from… Windsor, Essex County, Ontario Canada. Thank you to The Drive magazine for covering my efforts to spread my message and motivation for people to move. I would love to hear where you are from and what “drives”your community to stay physically motivated and healthy!