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4 Slim Down Tips for any Special Event.

9 Oct

TIP 1.  Eat for fuel not for fun.  Watch the eating out.  If you do, sauce on the side, go for a lean meat with steamed veggies, always ask “no butter, no oil, as healthy as can be please”. You would be shocked at what junk a restaurant will put in your food for flavoring.  DO NOT skip your breakfast! Food before coffee.  Split your lunch into two portions, separate the feedings by 2 hours.  Cut the carbs in the evening. Eating 6 small meals a day will increase your metaboic rate and burn more calories throughout the day.  This is a good start.

TIP 2.  Workout to intensity.  Find your workout intensity, push through the discomfort.  If you are feeling the burn then you are doing it right. 40 mins weight resistance program, 20 mins interval cardio. 1 hour at the gym max!

TIP 3.  Add morning cardio.  After breakfast hit the  streets for a morning jog, or attack the stairs at your house.  Up quickly, down slowly, this is ideal interval cardio.

TIP 4.  Lemon your water.  There are so many benefits to putting lemon in your water.  Most important it burns more calories. Also relieves many digestion problems. Great for the skin with it’s anti-aging properties.  It can remove wrinkles and blackheads, Toothache or bad breath – Lemon water will help.  Tonsil issues, gargle lemon water frequently.  With it’s high potassium content, lemon water can help control high blood pressure.  It has been known to cure respiratory problems, breathing problems and helps someone suffering from asthma.  Lemons can treat rheumatism and arthritis as it’s a diuretic and flushes out bacteria and toxins.

Crunch Fitness Gym Etiquette Tips (reposted for the girl who refuses to put her weights away).

30 Jun

There is this girl who works out at Crunch Gym on Sunset that deliberately does not return her weights to the racks. Even when she is literally two feet away from them she will drop her dumbbells on the floor walk away and take her destructive attitude onward.  A Crunch trainer told me he didn’t mind what she was doing??? WHAT??? Any weight equipment left on the gym floor can be hazard, people injure themselves more from tripping over weights more often than they do from lifting them. So HOPEFULLY this girl or someone who knows her will share this (especially Tip 6) with her.

Tip 1: Avoid blocking the mirrors or standing in front of a dumbbell or other weight rack.
Tip 2: Unless you are Gold’s Gym Venice you should not be grunting and groaning like a wild beast. Release on breath, not vocal cords.
Tip 3: Share equipment & weights. Don’t sit on a machine in between sets. “Work in” with other gym members
Tip 4: Don’t rush around the gym. With all that heavy equipment, there is so much that can really injure you. move slowly but with purpose.
Tip 5: If you have the tendency to poopy at the gym (which can often be inspired by exercising) bring a small room spray or cologne sampler to the restroom with you.
Tip 6: Remove weight plates from a machine or bar when you finish with them, and be sure to put the weights back where you found them.
Tip 7: Wipe off equipment when you are finished, so you don’t “sweat out” your neighbor. Be mindful of others.
Tip 8: Use the lockers. Most gyms have a policy that gym bags cannot be carried around the gym. Gym bags and other comparable material can be potential tripping hazards.
Tip 9: Time manage your workout. Most gyms impose a time limit on using cardio equipment. If the gym is busy, limit your time on a specific cardio machine to 20 mins.
Tip 10: Leave your ego at the door. If you have questions, ask! Gym equipment can be very dangerous. Protect yourself by understanding how a machine works. Ask a gym representative to explain how to correctly use the machines.
If you are new member most gyms offer a complimentary personal training session. Communicate and ask questions with the professional trainer on how to use equipment you are not familiar with.


Your Baby is your trainer – Another exercise for moms

13 Apr

When performing these lunges make sure the focus of your movement is to the corners rather then straight forward, this is to help avoid any pressure put on those precious little legs and feet of your little one.

Aim for 100 using the right leg forward (corner) and back (corner).  And 100 using the left leg forward (corner) and back (corner).



12 Apr



I filmed this short video clip about a year ago, 1 week before my wonderful friend Catherine Ledlow (Known to the Broadway community as Catherine Wreford) was diagnosed with a Cancerous Brain Tumor.  She has been fighting this battle all year and I’m thrilled to say she is doing it with a smile and a positive attitude.  Catherine is still exercising responsibly even going through cancer treatment.  Please let this motivate you to eliminate the “I CAN’T”, if this exercise is not appropriate for you then reach out to me for exercises that are.  Move that body and love every moment and opportunity you have to do so.

Aim for 100 leading with the right knee down first, then 100 leading with the left knee down first.  Take your breaks where you need then (3 deep breaths or 10 seconds max).  Challenge yourself but always safety and caution comes first when engaging in exercise with your baby.  Slow and deliberate movements.

Dressing red, white & blue while Addressing your fitness needs. A July 4th inspired 5 Minute Workout.

4 Jul

Click link below to watch



31 May


I had the pleasure of working with the beautiful and talented Giada De Laurentiis on several projects including season 9 of The Next Food Network Star with Bobby Flay and Alton Brown. Be sure  to set your DVR  this Sunday June 2nd on The Food Network, check your local listings for times. Food isn’t the only thing being served on this competition show… the sexy styling of Sam Saboura (as seen on TLC‘s Something Borrowed, Something New), and the make-up and style goddess Julie Morgan ( whose clients also include Ricki Lake, Naomi Watts, and Hilary Swank just to name a few) will be on this show’s menu. 


“If the elevator of success is out, use the stairs, one step at a time.” John Reyes quotes

15 Apr

With my “Ricki Lake Bride” Jenni, having a pre-existing wrist injury, I wanted to provide her appropriate fitness programming options that she can do anywhere and everywhere.  STAIRS are such an important part of her change of lifestyle, she climbed stairs whenever and wherever possible.  For her at home workout I combined stairs and a dumbbell weight resistance routine.

I was a guest lecturer onboard  the Crystal Cruise’s Symphony on their “mind, body and spirit” themed cruise. We had a port day in Semarang Indonesian. I took a 3 hour ride into the mountains where I visited the Buddhist temple/pyramid, Borobudur, and climbed some serious stairs. I burned some calories and felt good that I got my sweat on.  I sent Jenni this video and now share it with you so show how there is no rest, not even on vacation. Use every opportunity the universe provides you to be physically active.  When you approach life like this – you will be living a healthy and fit life!



Benefits of Stairs:

-they are free

-the more weight we are carrying on our body, the harder wer’re forced to work and therefore the more calories that are burned.

-increases heart rate improving your cardiovascular fitness.

-helps shape and strengthen some common problem areas, thighs, buttocks and core (stomach)

-very time efficient workout.  cardio + muscle fatigue resistance training.

-it can be done almost anywhere.

-builds bone strength.

-When preformed correctly climbing stairs are a low impact/safe on the knees.

-Stairs are great to perform at any fitness level.

-Climbing stairs can be combined with dumbbells, dyna bands, jumping jacks, ect. the fitness programming is endless.



10 Apr


My Ricki Lake Bride Jenni not only has the “at home” responsibilities with having a newborn but also juggles “JOBS”(plural).  Therefore having workout options that she can perform at home are going to be her lifesaver.  Here is one of the “at home” workout fitness programming options I gave her right from the beginning. Make sure you watch yesterday’s “technique” video prior to today’s.  A reminder that this program was designed specifically for Jenni.  You should consult with your Doctor before starting any workout program.

Sharing the Secrets. How my Ricki Lake “Bride” let the unhealthy weight go.

9 Apr


May 21st is the air date of my reveal of the Ricki Lake Show “Bridal Bootcamp” Weight loss/health gain challenge.  Where my Bride “Jenni” will share her successes.  I want you to have the info on how she did it.  Having the tools, the workout program, nutritional info, and motivational support are all ingredients for a recipe of success!

I am going to be posting all the correspondence between Jenni & I.  Please note that these programs are designed around her relationship to food, her workout restrictions (wrist injury from baby lifting), and what I professionally and personally felt would provide her a lifetime of success.

That said you can benefit from this information, apply it responsibly, and remember, I’m available to create your own personalized programs via skype consultations.  Visit my website