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Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

19 Dec

Pearly whites

One of the biggest signs of aging is teeth discoloration, you will literally look years younger to others just by whitening your teeth. I am told all of the time how white and bright my smile is and yours can be too just by this simple home made remedy. I avoid puting traditional harsh chemicals in my mouth that are used for teeth bleaching. We all know about baking soda and salt, or baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mixtures for whitening, but this one works just as great. Orange Peels and Bay Leaves! That’s it! Make sure you dry the orange peels out ( vitamin c can be harsh on your teeth), and the bay leaves should be dried and crushed finely. Put the bay leaves on the white part of the orange rind and gently rub against your chops. The combo of these will leave your smile sparkling. Caution- too much teeth brightening, even if it’s home made, can be harmful to your enamel.


Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

7 Dec


Grimy grippers are just plain gross. Clean, white nails are attractive no matter what gender you are! This tip will whiten and buff those pincers. Men, try adding this to your regimen when you cut your nails (hands AND feet!). This will also remove any yellow discoloration caused by nail polish ladies.  Gently scrub them with toothpaste and a recycled, soft toothbrush or buffer. Gentle men, don’t overdue it. Do not use gel, use paste!  Now add a few drops of lemon juice and your clutches will come alive, instead of  looking dead as  door NAILS!


3 Jun


Brandon & I have many friends participating in this years AIDS/LifeCycle “Ride to END AIDS”, but I wanted to focus this post on our friend Giles Marsden

Like so many participants Giles has dedicated countless hours raising money for this cause, but let’s not forget the hours spent preparing the physical, mental and emotional self to be able to execute this 7 day San Francisco to Los Angeles ride.

Usually when someone has a physique, weight loss or even health goal they focus on a prize that they benefit from.  We all have felt the impact of AIDS/HIV on our community – I am so moved by GILES and ALL the riders. Also, thank you to all who have donated funds!






26 Jan


This Documentary has changed my relationship with food.  A lot of people are hesitant to have the discussion about animal cruelty surrounding the food industry, or even open themselves up to investing in discovering the facts around our consumption of animals because I think we all instinctively  know what the truth is. I was one of those people.  There is less guilt attached to ignorance. Please be open to viewing this movie and let it inspire you to make “better choices”, like I always say “better” not “perfect”.  Learn what products to invest your money, and what to put in your body. Even if that will continue to be meat and dairy.  And after viewing this incredible film, motivate others to make “better” decisions and pay this movie forward,  in particular to those you love.

Thank you for being open, brave and compassionate.

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Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

21 Nov


This all natural air freshener will put out the putrid potty smell in a pinch. Put 5-10 drops of lemon essential oil and 10-20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil  mixed with water in a small spray bottle. Make sure to shake, after you take, then spray!

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

31 Oct


Did you know that 33 studies have linked fluoride with reducing the IQ in children? And 97% of western Europe has rejected water fluoridation. So don’t be dumb, be a smart mouth and use Fluoride-free toothpaste. I Prefer Tom’s fluoride-free whitening paste. If possible avoid  drinking water from the tap if fluoridation is your city’s incomprehension!This chemical also builds up in your Pineal Gland which is believed to be your connection to your spirit. Stupid AND secular! So next time your dentist tells you it’s good for you, remember these are the same people that put lead fillings in your teeth.  You can have pearly whites AND the pearly gates!