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20 Jan

My husbands sister Brittani and her two little ones spent last week with us in California.  The kids have never been to Disneyland so this was definitely the anticipated highlight of the vacation for them.  Of course it was magical for them but I witnessed something magical myself that evening while waiting for our restaurant reservation at the Grand Californian Hotel.

To my surprise who do I see… Chris & Heidi Powell (hosts of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss television series).  They were passing through the lobby appropriately from the gym which was obvious with the visible sweat on their gym clothed bodies.

I don’t know Chris & Heidi personally, I of course know of them professionally, and have heard countless nice things about them.  Well… I witnessed it for myself.

The gratitude they showed these strangers who support their T.V wellness efforts was astonishing.  Not since working with Carol Burnett on “Once Upon a Mattress” film have I witnessed people of fame so generous of their time and energy in public.

They didn’t just stop and take photos with their fans, they engaged them with genuine interest in them and made the moment special.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because it’s one thing to be on T.V to inspire, motivate and challenge people to better themselves, it’s even more powerful and impactful to also match that off camera.  People have options in what they invest in watching on T.V and to see Chris & Heidi value people who support them warms my heart.  It’s a good reminder to live in gratitude.

Hopefully you already watch ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss” series cause it’s a great show! It’s motivating & inspiring for all people, not just those needing or looking to drop unhealthy weight.