Don’t SCREW your workout by wearing a GLOVE

28 Jul

I have no love for wearing a glove during your workouts. Not only are they a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, they do not protect your hands from callousing. They kill your grip strength on pulling exercises and can add inches to already thick bars making it even harder. They can screw your technique.

The thickness of the gloves can make it difficult to keep the bar close to your wrist on bench and press leading to rolling of the wrists which causes injury. The only time I play it safe and wear a glove is if it’s freezing conditions or I have an abrasion so I don’t get an infection. If you are worried about rough palms then Brandon says, ” Get a manicure!” So next time you lift, do it bare!

One Response to “Don’t SCREW your workout by wearing a GLOVE”

  1. Dwayne July 29, 2014 at 2:40 pm #

    I’m sorry Craig & Brandon but I wear the same type of glove in the pic above for my boxing fitness classes: weights, pulling chains, sledgehammer, jumping rope, burpees, etc. I even keep them on when I put on the boxing gloves for hitting those boxing punching bags. I think they are good for support for your hands. I also throw them in the washing machine with my sweaty clothes after class, too, so at least they’re clean when I use them again.

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