So long SWEETIE! (Sugar is shit! Part 2)

22 Jan

Continuing yesterday’s post with another 10 reasons why sucrose (table sugar) dextrose (corn sugar) and high fructose corn syrup are harming your health.

Sugar can:

11.  Contribute to obesity.

12.   Greatly assist the uncontrolled growth of Candida Albicans (yeast infections).

13.  Lead to other addictions.

14.  Cause autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis & asthma.

15. Cause your saliva to become acidic, tooth decay, & periodontal disease.

16. Cause hemorrhoids.

17. Elevate glucose & insulin responses in oral contraceptive users.

18. Cause gallstones.

19. Cause varicose veins.

20.  Cause appendicitis.



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