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20 Dec



Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

19 Dec

Pearly whites

One of the biggest signs of aging is teeth discoloration, you will literally look years younger to others just by whitening your teeth. I am told all of the time how white and bright my smile is and yours can be too just by this simple home made remedy. I avoid puting traditional harsh chemicals in my mouth that are used for teeth bleaching. We all know about baking soda and salt, or baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mixtures for whitening, but this one works just as great. Orange Peels and Bay Leaves! That’s it! Make sure you dry the orange peels out ( vitamin c can be harsh on your teeth), and the bay leaves should be dried and crushed finely. Put the bay leaves on the white part of the orange rind and gently rub against your chops. The combo of these will leave your smile sparkling. Caution- too much teeth brightening, even if it’s home made, can be harmful to your enamel.


Fibromyalgia Health/Wellness Tips from my Mom

18 Dec

When my Mother was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia many years ago I was angry and confused not only because my mother was in severe pain 24/7 but also because there seemed to be an enormous lack of information and advice out there.  There STILL is not enough information out there.  I will be posting my training advice and medical hot tub dyna band exercise routine that worked for my mom next week but I wanted to share my Mom’s personal advice she has for other women who suffer:


-Warm your muscles before exercise.  (She has a medical hot tub set around body temperature)

-When exercising with Fibro be very aware of your movements, make each movement with every exercise deliberate, controlled, and slow.  Balance is often times compromised so safety first.

-Obtaining sleep is your #1 priority.  (I will have her share her techniques for this in a future blog post as I know they are extensive). Do not exercise before bed, have a personalized calming routine, Chamomile Tea, Meditation.

-Be kind to yourself, don’t fill your life with DON’T ‘s and CAN’T ‘s, concentrate on what you CAN do!

-Don’t apologize for what you are unable to do and perform.  It is not your fault and there is no need to apologize.

-Concentrate on the positives in life not the negatives.

-When people help you, help them in return with what you can do for people without pain, this will make you feel good about yourself and feel like you are giving back.  For my mother that’s being a good listener, being there for people, checking in with them on the phone, organizing friends and family members taxes, cooking (when she feels physically capable).

-Esteemable acts create self esteem.  Tidy up the house, make the bed, make a healthy lunch salad, movement (walking), charity work (raise funds via web and phone)

-Mom discusses with me “FibroFog” and how it can effect the whole day, your relationship around you and communication with everyone including your Doctor.  Therefore, she stresses the importance of taking the time to write down all your necessary talking points that need to be communicated to your Doctor well in advance before your appointment.

-Most Fibro women struggle for years about whether to take medication or not.  For a long time Mom felt like taking medication meant losing control.  Eventually she realized taking low dose medication was taking control of her life.  Today she does not depend on medication but a combination of therapies that work for her.

-Understand that it might take some time and work with your Doctor to find the right combination of medicine and therapies to find what works for you.

-Biofeedback.  Mom has utilized this machine and form of therapy to help teach her how to find her breathing and relaxation.  This intrigues me very much and I feel it deserves it’s own future blog post, stay tuned.

-Meditate, put pain at the back of your mind instead of forefront.

-Food can aggravate Fibromyalgia, my mom finds that wine, chocolate, fats and gluten among other things can lead to a flare up and what our family calls an “episode”.

-It’s really important for your family and friends to understand Fibromyalgia.  Ask your loved ones to research it, and share with them your condition, successes, frustrations, and outline how they can help, chances are they want to help and they can only do this if you make yourself VULNERABLE and communicate.  You are not a failure with revealing the truth. Please no guilt with this.

-Mom wants to communicate that they used to think Fibro was a form of arthritis, now they are leaning towards “heywire nerves”.



16 Dec



 Anyone who know me knows that I love a great bag! I wanted to share this HIPP designer with you and encourage you to support these creative small business owners that are bringing us amazing products that have heart and soul. HIPP & Kirk founder and designer Lauren Milroy’s journey is hardly typical. Born and raised in California, she first studied mechanical engineering and worked in the aerospace industry before attending Stanford University’s graduate program in Product Design. She honed her skills as a designer at an outdoor gear company, creating bags and researching color trends. On her time off she started her blog, Hippanonymous, where she shared her favorite finds in design, fashion, cocktails and travel. Her designs are heritage classics with a twist of color. They are inspired by the sunkissed glamour of Manhattan Beach, where the designer once lived, and by L.A’s laid-back, fun loving lifestyle – from barbecues to rooftop parties and Bikram sessions. Lauren prototypes new designs from her home studio using a 40-year-old industrial sewing machine. All her bags are manufactured in California using high-quality canvas and metal hardware. They are made to last a lifetime. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! To order  for the holidays or just for yourself go to Head into this New Year with style!


13 Dec

Do you listen to music when you workout?

Then listen to this tip!

Pay attention to when the singer takes a deep big breath in their musical phrasing.  Perform that with the singer and coordinate your exercise with the music.  All too often we forget to breath or restrict our breathing. Relax the jaw slightly (1/8th of an inch), this will relax the back of the neck muscles (watch your shoulders instantly relax), which will allow your diaphragm to work properly.  Now you are oxygenating your body providing you with the internal power for a dynamic workout.



Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

12 Dec



The only thing shiny about your look should be your personality. If a greasy guise is your demise then you should be making your own oil absorbing blotting papers! These are a useful beauty product that can keep you looking polished and shine free all day long by removing excess oil from your face. Women can use these without ruining or removing their makeup, and men, you also suffer from a slippery surFACE! All you need is an old compact case, and men you can use an old playing card case. A few sheets of rice paper ( for a less natural option you can use gift wrapping tissue paper) and a pair of scissors. Trace the interior of the case and cut the paper to fit. For those of you that require a bit more oil control you can sprinkle corn powder between the sheets. This is the only time  a lack luster look is not a problem.


12 Dec

What do Craig Ramsay, and Beyonce have in common? We all want you to MOVE YOUR BODY!

Move Your Body

Research shows that people who perform even the most basic movements (walking just 3 to 5 days a week) live longer than those who don’t, especially the older you get—stop moving, stop living. If you stay active and keep your weight in a healthy range for your gender, age, and height, it certainly keeps your organs healthy, there’s less need for medication, and it will enable you to maintain a healthy lifestyle! Most health problems in America can be correlated to lifestyle. The healthier you are, the better you feel. The better you feel, the longer you live.

—Nichelle Hines, fitness guru of Cycle House