23 Apr


Just saying…

I’m very thankful to have weekly opportunities to reach people with wellness and fitness advice through media/press.  Every so often I’m placed in a position to clarify what’s written.  In this article it’s mentioned

Joggers, for instance, should sign up for some spinning classes; if yoga’s your thing, switch it up for pilates or weight-lifting sessions with a trainer. 

This is NOT advice or a quote from me.  Professionally speaking, a jogger typically obtains more benefits then just burning calories and staying trim from their jogging. They utilize that time to mentally and emotionally process (mind workout) and balance themselves chemically.  A jogger needing to mix their programs up should perform exercise options that will not interfere physically with their first love of jogging.  I suggest treadmill incline walking, 30 second interval stairclimber walks (meaning 30 seconds at a slow level 2-5, and 30 seconds at a higher level of 7 or higher), or any fitness class that utilizes their own body weight as the resistance. I would also suggest if a jogger is switching their exercise program away from jogging they should still fulfill the mind workout benefits with a meditation practice such as Emily Fletchers, Ziva Meditation.  A Jogger switching to spinning classes could find the range of movement and aggressive intervals too impacting on their joints and muscles. Sprinters could benefit from spinning (Soul Cycle).


 Also mentioned in the article “if yoga’s your thing, switch it up for pilates or weight-lifting sessions with a trainer”. I disagree, someone who takes yoga regularly looking to mix it up, should invest in a resistance training program using resistance bands or dyna-bands, even something like my Ultimate Perfect Workout DVD. This will be a non-invasive exercise program that will aid in building strength and stamina. A Weight-Lifting program could put strain on a yoga persons connective tissue, tendons and muscles.  Gradually they could progress to that type of training if they so desire  but I rarely come across a yoga enthusiast that wants to workout at Venice Golds Gym.


 I invest time, energy and information with such articles so that readers will understand this is just the beginning of the discussion.  Most publications and writers are courteous enough to provide my website link or twitter so readers can reach out with specific questions or outreach to me directly with private wellness matters.  It’s my goal to continuously make myself available online and through my private skype consultations via www.craigramsayfitness.com  .

You can check out the article in The Globe And Mail at:



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