“If the elevator of success is out, use the stairs, one step at a time.” John Reyes quotes

15 Apr

With my “Ricki Lake Bride” Jenni, having a pre-existing wrist injury, I wanted to provide her appropriate fitness programming options that she can do anywhere and everywhere.  STAIRS are such an important part of her change of lifestyle, she climbed stairs whenever and wherever possible.  For her at home workout I combined stairs and a dumbbell weight resistance routine.

I was a guest lecturer onboard  the Crystal Cruise’s Symphony on their “mind, body and spirit” themed cruise. We had a port day in Semarang Indonesian. I took a 3 hour ride into the mountains where I visited the Buddhist temple/pyramid, Borobudur, and climbed some serious stairs. I burned some calories and felt good that I got my sweat on.  I sent Jenni this video and now share it with you so show how there is no rest, not even on vacation. Use every opportunity the universe provides you to be physically active.  When you approach life like this – you will be living a healthy and fit life!



Benefits of Stairs:

-they are free

-the more weight we are carrying on our body, the harder wer’re forced to work and therefore the more calories that are burned.

-increases heart rate improving your cardiovascular fitness.

-helps shape and strengthen some common problem areas, thighs, buttocks and core (stomach)

-very time efficient workout.  cardio + muscle fatigue resistance training.

-it can be done almost anywhere.

-builds bone strength.

-When preformed correctly climbing stairs are a low impact/safe on the knees.

-Stairs are great to perform at any fitness level.

-Climbing stairs can be combined with dumbbells, dyna bands, jumping jacks, ect. the fitness programming is endless.


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