Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

1 Nov


A gap looks like crap when it’s between the buttons of your shirt! Busting buttons are boorish so this is your ticket to finding a tailor. Duds that don’t fit can make you appear larger and make quality garments look garish. Women the first place to tucker will most likely be at your ta-ta’s. Especially if your shoulders are smaller than the “twins”. Men your gut is your rut. Make sure these areas fit and look fabulous and let the tailor trim the fat from your frock.  1. Look for a tailor in your area with rave reviews. 2. Ask your local fashionistas. 3. Men look for someone who specializes in manly. 4. Buzz the boutiques and see where they send their biz. 5. Ditch the department stores! 6. Look at they’re latest work. 7. Or at least a see a photo. 8. Slip them into something a little more easy initially to see their skill ( don’t discover incompetence on your Dior) 9. Talk with the tailor NOT at them. 10. Make sure it’s worth their skill, no cheap chaps! Now you’ve put the FIT back in outfit!

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