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30 Nov

Jenny Hutt or what we refer to her as… Jenny Hott!

Fit and Fabulous is a huge fan of this wonder woman. You may remember the entry we did when we were guests on Jenny’s Sirius XM STARS 107 show (Listen to Coach Craig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati on Just Jenny!). She was recently a guest on The Today Show demonstrating how she stays in shape AND stays connected to her fans! On a more personal note Jenny gave Fit and Fabulous’ Brandon Liberati a shout out on her latest Tales From the Treadmill-

If you don’t already follow her blog or listen to her radio show you are definitely missing out on informative, entertaining, hilariously honest, fit and fabulous info!

Jenny Hutt’s Facebook Page


29 Nov

This is my AMY RIVARD story – and I’m sticking to it. 

I met Amy at Gesstwood Camp when I was a 13 years old.  She was a camp counselor with my brother Russell.  Secretly I was hoping that Russ and Amy would become a couple, because I absolutely adored her and was ah struck at her talent for singing. So much in fact, that it inspired me to try a go at it myself.  I asked Amy for vocal coaching and advice in auditioning for my first musical ever “Birth of a City” with Theater Alive.  She was so supportive and gave me some great advice, she told me I was a born singer.  I got the show and started performing along side Amy, not only in this show, but many more to follow.  We became best of friends and it wasn’t until a few years ago, and too many glasses of wine, that she confessed that she thought I was tone deaf and didn’t think I had a hope in hell of getting into that show!  Before you judge Amy as a big liar, let me tell you – When I had a singer with such unique incredible vocal talent as Amy tell me I had a shot at it, and that I was talented – IT WORKED! It gave me the confidence to go into that audition and 100’s there after.  If I didn’t have such a wonderful first experience with Amy, then I seriously don’t know if I would have continued.

This is my friend AMY RIVARD, and it’s time I gave back to her.  She has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for her album.  I’m not only asking you to consider donating what you can because she is one of the most amazing people on earth, but because her voice and her music are equally as beautiful as she is.  Selfishly I want to see this music created, please please please visit her page, skip a Starbuck’s coffee and donate to make her dreams come true.

Please click on the link for a peek at the engaging talents of Miss Amy Rivard AND donate!

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

29 Nov


“FALL”ing off the runway this year was the fabulous and funky faux bob, tied up with a flirty sash and a crowning jewel. All you need to achieve this “dash”ing look is ribbon, a brooch, bobby pins, hair tie and a comb or brush! First tease your hair at the crown. Now “pop” that sexy brooch onto your ribbon and tie tightly around your head. Then do a loose, low pony. Fold it under ( I find it is easiest to roll it) and pin it at the nape. You can lightly spray to hold. What makes this  so fashion faux-rward is the run(a)way strands!! If you want perfection try the real thing. Who doesn’t love bob-les and bangles!


28 Nov

Anyone that knows me, knows how important it is for me to stay connected to my “ROOTS”! By roots I not only mean the Canadian athletic Olympic clothing company, but also where I am from… Windsor, Essex County, Ontario Canada. Thank you to The Drive magazine for covering my efforts to spread my message and motivation for people to move. I would love to hear where you are from and what “drives”your community to stay physically motivated and healthy!



27 Nov

Even The Gap says it’s in style!  The Anatomy of Stretching.



Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

27 Nov


This is a sure fire way to freshen up your look, or completely change it without cutting all of your hair off. To put it “blunt”, there is no need to spend a lot of money for a dramatic or subtle style difference! Bring your cut back to life with BANGS! Don’t try these at home, seriously. Fringe is a focal point and require skill and expertise to execute. No matter how well you think you can do it yourself, take it from a professional, you can’t. Your own stylist or any upscale salon will make an appointment for you to cut just your bangs (for a minimal charge) usually around $10 to $25.  I offer free bang trims to all of my clients. So start getting more bang for your buck!

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

26 Nov


If shampooing with water has you “bogged” down. Float that oily boat with dry shampoo. All aboard this powder quicker picker upper. Just put cornstarch in a cute salt shaker and sprinkle ! You can Fragrance it by adding your favorite crushed herbs, vanilla bean, cinnamon, or flowers. For darker shades of hair you can add cocoa or coffee grounds and deepen to desired “depths” and add aroma. When christening your hair, make sure that it gets down to the scalp. Wait 5 minutes and brush out! Now take a “bow”!