Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

22 Oct


This is your simple do-it-yourself guide to making your very own happy hairstylist.  Be nice to the receptionist! Look at them as your stylist’s personal assistant. They are only following the guidelines your designer designated. If you don’t like what you’re hearing, take it up with us. They have 100’s of people’s schedules they are trying to accommodate, not just yours.

Never ask to be “squeezed” in. What we do takes time. Essentially what you are asking us is to take time away from another client that managed their schedule more efficiently than you did, and you wouldn’t appreciate that if that punctual patron happened to be you! Arrive at least 5 minutes early. This is actually our job even though it may appear to be fun and games. If every client shows up late we spend our day playing catch up, and it’s not fair to us or again to those that do arrive on time. And remember a courtesy reminder call is just that, a courtesy. It is your responsibility to keep track of your appointment. Now you are well on your way to being the favorite client!

Just a few more pearls of wisdom… dispose of ever using the word TRIM. Let me explain. When you say,”I will only take a short time, because all I need is a trim”, your artist gets agitated. It requires skill, expertise,  and knowledge. We have just as many steps to execute expertly a cut whether it’s 1 inch or 1 foot that we are whacking. If your children are of the corn, please leave them home or cancel your appointment until some poor babysitter can be terrorized. If your child is mild then by all means bring them along! You are the walking billboard so your beauty is in our best interest. If you don’t like something please call and we will cure what ails you. And if you call when you love something you will make our day. One last tip… we don’t have a Phd in psychology that would be a therapist, all we have is a pair of scissors and an opinion!

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