Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

18 Oct


Welcome to the flashback costume party of  academic proportions! If you want to make the grade at your reunion put dieting, Botox and lip injections in detention. Your key to being the top of your class is your hair. Get a cut 3 weeks before and for guys and dolls with short hair make it 2 weeks.  Men, if you still have your hair, you’ll be a hit even if you’re unemployed! And if your bald, rock it. Check out my guybrows, burns and beard  tips for your guy’d to facial hair graduation.  Women (and men) who dye their hair, make sure the hue you choose at least resembles a color that is found in nature. No facials or eyebrow waxing within 3 days of the soirée. Remember what happened to Samantha on Sex And The City? You don’t need to make that a real life rerun. Spray tans within 3 days will not land you on the honor roll. Guys and Dolls don’t show up in ANYTHING you’ve ever worn to work, you’re “smarter” than that. You’re homework is to buy yourself something new, flattering and comfortable. Hire a personal shopper, every great department store will have one for you. Remember, you will be sporting a name tag so nothing strapless. Last but not least, slip yourself into some sexy shoes and you’ll be the one they’re hot for, not teacher!





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