Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

17 Oct


While your résumé may be dressed to impress are you groomed for your audition? Don’t be discarded because your drag was disheveled. Research the company and their aesthetic. A big part of landing the role is dressing the part. Casual is for cocktails AFTER you get the job, no interviewer has ever thought, wow I wish they looked less professional. Men that means manscaping; nose, guybrows, ears, and that scruff may need to be cleanly shaven if the profession prefers. And wear a shirt and/or suit that fits well ( no baggy britches). Women, necklines should be at least an inch above your cleavage and hemline a hands width above your knee max. Carry a sexy big bag ( not a backpack or a small clutch) this says you can look fabulous  and still take work home if you need to in a pinch. Guys and Dolls you both should have had your hair did, men fresh cut and women at least a blowout and color touch up! A trick to feeling more confident is to wear a little something someone you love gave you. The wristwatch your father handed down , or a scarf from your sweetheart. Follow these tips and you are sure to get a “callback”!

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