Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

16 Oct


Whew, you lucked out and aren’t in the wedding party. Since you know you don’t have to wear a tux or a dress you have to burn after, what do you wear? Dress decorously… which means accessories and fabrics not skin ( a little is appropriate a lot is inapropos-er).  The break down is simple when not black tie.

It is broken down like so…day, evening and then seasons, warm (Spring/Summer), cold ( Autumn/Winter).  For the guys, daytime warm-wear light colors and fabrics ( prints, tans, blues, cottons, linens), daytime cold- wear dark colors and heavier fabrics ( black, grey, wool, tweed). Evening warm or cold stick to dark hues or black, same fabrics will still apply for seasons. Damsels dress is broken into the same categories for colors and seasonal fabrics. Think shorter hemlines during the day or cocktail hour, longer in the evening. Pant suits are purrfectly stylish kittens. Make sure you can dance in that dress and tell your mama that black is always acceptable at a wedding just no white ever….or flats ( unless its a beach wedding). Wear wedges if heels aren’t you thing. Get your accessory on, go ahead and sparkle it actually is your unspoken thank you to the wedding party for the invite. Speaking of invitation, that is your fashion fairy, it is your key to the formality and ambiance of the event. Is the script fancy or friendly, is the wording casual or designer? What kind of paper and  where is the venue? Now you’ll look fab and if it happens to be your wedding, wear whatever the hell you want.

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