Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

5 Oct


Pictures are an amazing tool for any hairstylist. Don’t be afraid to bring a photo in. If the stylist has an issue with this you need to find a new stylist, seriously. This is your hair NOT theirs!  If you loved your last cut/color  and or style and want a carbon copy, take a picture of it on your phone! Don’t say,  “Do it just like last time”…. It is usually 6-8 weeks since we saw you last and since then we have seen hundreds of people. If you see a hairstyle you like, tear it out and bring it, this helps us see what your eye is attracted to. A fabulous hairstylist will be able to make adjustments to any style you like based on your personal texture, face shape and lifestyle. If you want to look just like Jennifer Anniston give us a break, we can give you her haircut but not her body…. beautician NOT magician.


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