Saturday Spotlight!

22 Sep

Hi  friends!

My very talented friend, Julie Neumark is in the midst of recording her second album with some top notch players/producers…and she is doing it all on her own with help only from friends, fans and believers! Her campaign is almost over. She has raised $6,141 so far and 3% of that will go to Born This Way Foundation. With 7 days left, I am writing to ask you all to help her “step out of the box” of her own friends, family and fans and spread the word of this campaign in hopes of reaching the goal of $10,000 by Sept 29.

So, you may ask, what is the “word” she is trying to spread? Let me ask you this: have you listened to music today? How did it make you feel? Was it a song from your childhood that brought back memories? Were the lyrics seemingly written for a situation you are currently experiencing? Did it just make you want to dance? These are all of the reasons she is doing what she is doing.
Music is an art form and one of the COOLEST things about art is it’s ability to make us feel….and heal.


***FYI – she is giving away her very first guitar (Fender acoustic electric) autographed personally for you. The original price tag for obtaining this rock n roll beast was $2,000. SHE HAS NOW LOWERED THE PRICE TO $1,250!!!

Thanks again for ALL of your support…please share this with your friends and family who might take an interest!

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