Six Foods That Will Help You Drop Some Poundage

11 Sep
1. Cucumbers – vitamin C, A and some fiber.  the cucumber is the ideal substitute for crackers when scooping humus.
2. Grapefruit – A Breakfast side, or salad topping.  It has been known to reduce insulin levels.
3.  Lentils – Lots of fiber, folate and magnesium.  Lentils are a great substitute for meat.
4.  Oats – high in fiber, help you feel satisfied and full.  Steel cut oats in the morning for breakfast. Instead of adding raw table sugar or sweeteners try a teaspoon of peanut butter.
5.  Apples can satisfy sugar cravings with less calories.
6.  Hard Boiled Eggs – 1 egg 72 calories, 6-10g protein, and nearly every essential vitamin you need.  Portable, quick snack.

One Response to “Six Foods That Will Help You Drop Some Poundage”

  1. Dwayne September 12, 2012 at 11:56 am #

    Well….2 out of 6 are not bad and (apples and grapefruit) are part of my meals during breakfast and lunch.

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