Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

28 Aug


I am asked all the time how much you should be tipping your barber, hairstylist, hair artist, or colorist and the correct answer, despite many different opinions, is 15-20%!

If you are thinking, “But my cut AND color are so expensive.  Am I supposed to tip 20% of the TOTAL?” The answer is  Yes. That total reflects the work performed for you, and is the amount from which the tip should be calculated. Oh yeah, another “myth”, don’t tip the hairdresser when they own the salon. Not true. Do so unless they have clearly stated otherwise.

There is one more person you should be tipping…  the shampooer ( if it is someone other than your stylist). They should receive $2 ( Not much considering we usually tip about that for our latte’s and this person DID just shampoo your hair!). So the long of the short of it is, when deciding if the cost of your services fit in your price range,  don’t make it work by “trimming” the tip. Find a stylist that fits in your budget tip and all!

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