Dance the Weight Off

7 Aug

With shows such as “Dancing with The Stars” and “Dance Your Ass Off”, everyone is seeing the effects dancing can have at achieving a healthy fit body.  Dancing is aerobic exercise and won’t feel like exercise.  It’s exciting, entertaining, and challenging.  Dance is not just keeping Broadway performers fit these days!

Derek Hough, Ricki Lake DWTS – Photo credit: Disney/ABC

The health benefits of dance are endless.  Physically it improves posture, coordination, lowers risk of heart disease, decreases blood pressure and cholesterol, strengthens the bones, and most importantly increases energy, strength, stamina, flexibility, and muscle tone.  The healthy benefits don’t stop at the physical.  Dancing will help with focus, sleeping, self-confidence, and self-esteem.  Endorphins are raised with dancing, improving your mood.  Plus, there are social benefits…make new friends! Take dance classes to keep your partner “on their toes.”  Dancing can energize a relationship.

With dance being so respected in the fitness industry now, there are a great number of beginner classes available at your local gyms.  Find what type of dance inspires you.  There are so many options out there like ballroom, two-step, line dancing, ballet, hip-hop, and club dancing, just to name a few.  There are plenty of at-home beginner dance fitness DVD’s available for hesitant newcomers to gain some confidence before socially tackling dancing.

Craig Ramsay
Photo courtesy of Leslie Pedraza

I even recommend putting on some music and dancing from chore to chore during a day of house cleaning.  This will energize you and put some pep in your step.  Dance your way to a healthier you!

2 Responses to “Dance the Weight Off”

  1. Paul Meenan August 8, 2012 at 9:50 pm #

    I’ve seen that incredible beach picture before and have always thought it was one of intense inspiration and beauty. It’s also so perfect that I’ve wondered if it wasn’t Photoshop faked somehow. Then I found out it was you Craig and it made me smile. Someday I’ll meet you in person and I’ll make you jump around just to prove to me you do have perfect composure. 😉

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