Instinct Magazine: Craig Ramsay Interview

2 Aug

In the current issue of Instinct Magazine:

By Jason Gutierrez, Instinct Magazine

Fitness expert and transformational coach, Craig Ramsay, is probably most recognizable from Bravo’s reality show Thintervention, but he’s also developed his second fitness book Anatomy of Stretching because he thought it was time to get some things off his Greek-god-like chest about what matters most to him.

Craig, first off: Wow! You are in ridiculously good shape.
My goodness, thanks for that compliment! It’s my job to practice what I preach. My fitness program is very different—as every person’s program should be. It should be ideal to what their lifestyle is and what their goals are. I need to be a good example but I’m not in the gym as much as you may think!

When was the pivotal moment in your life when you said, “I want a career in fitness?”
I’m a mama’s boy and my mother became ill with Fibromyalgia, way back before it was ever diagnosed or commonly known. I knew she was ill and I was panicked. I went to the Bodies exhibit and analyzed it for three months and was able to understand that what my mom was going through came from nerves and nerve damage. This led me to investigate how I could help her through fitness and wellness.

While you were working on Bravo’s Thintervention with Jackie Warner did you find it difficult to maintain your own philosophies and training techniques?
Thintervention was obviously about people who were highly overweight and needing to drop weight. I’m a trainer that believes that if you are overweight, there are reasons for it—reasons of self-love that need to be exposed. I think I differ from a lot of trainers in that I’m going to be there with you through the entire process. Everything I offer is an outreach program because I say: “Here, take my hand! We’re in this together!”

What advice do you have for someone with low self-esteem and body image issues?
Here’s the secret:  we are all insecure.  It’s how we address an insecurity that matters.  As long as you are on the path forward, you will be ok.  Take care of you, all of you.

Why did you want to develop these fitness books?
We all have lost touch with our bodies and taking the time to get to know our bodies is important. That’s why I developed this stretching book. I’m a big guy, and my body type doesn’t fit yoga well. But stretching is for everyone. We don’t stretch until it’s too late or when we feel pain. Women know this, or rather RuPaul’s drag queens know this more than anyone! [Laughs] Wearing high heels, you’re calves become extremely tight and you need to stretch. Stretching brings comfort. So why wait? Bring comfort to your life before there’s a problem.

Why did you want to develop a fitness app for our phones?
This idea came with my first book. I wanted people to become familiar with fitness vocabulary and to feel secure and confident with their own fitness program in the gym. No one wants to take a textbook into the gym with them, that’s even more vulnerable than not knowing what you are doing. With the app it just looks like you’re texting or setting up a date. It’s a discrete way of working out in the gym.

What is your approach to programming a personal training session for anyobody?
I train everyone to become their own personal trainers. That’s my motto. Whether you’re busy or you’re able to commit 40 minutes to an hour, I have a fitness program for you. Whether you’re pregnant or say you can’t work out because you’re working 24/7, I know some great office stretches that will be beneficial to you! I want people to take time for themselves and focus on their goals and needs.
You can purchase a copy of “Anatomy of Stretching” and his phone apps at  “Anatomy of Muscle Building” is available at

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