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27 Jun

Fade To Blue

24 Jun

Saw this great show last night! Please support the incredibly talented men of  GMCLA and the wonderful projects they do such as The Alive Music Project.  I was very honored to do a public service announcement for them earlier this year.  Check it out below.

Hello and Welcome To My Blog – Coach Craig

18 Jun
“Forget about what you used to do. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.”  Jack Lalanne
Jack’s quote above is a perfect prelude to what I’m going to ask of you.  PLEASE BE VULNERABLE.
This is my vulnerability list for you…
-Ask questions
-Take advice
-Surrender to the workouts
-Try new things that perhaps make you feel uncomfortable, intimidated and insecure
-Invite others into your journey
-Share your goals with friends, loved ones and with our online  community
And most importantly, Push your limits!
A transformation is so much more than Reps and Sets. And so is this Blog.
This is our chance to build Rome! No, it wasn’t built in a day, but if we don’t start today it will never get done.
Every healthy relationship should consist of a “give and take” approach. That will be our relationship here. This blog is for me to communicate with you, and I need you to communicate back! Leave a comment for the community. Send me an email! And most importantly lets have fun with this!
So with your “Lemon Water” let’s toast to our community here and this journey together.