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“So I think this is the best costume for the day”

21 Sep

Spoken by Edith “Little Edie” Bouvier Beale in the documentary, Grey Gardens,  “So I think this is the best costume for the day.”

Little Edie was right in that you should always dress the part.  Whether at the office, a dinner event or at the gym, you can tell a great deal about someone by their style of clothing.  There is a saying that Brandon Liberati has mentioned to me on many occasions.  Spend twice as much, buy half as much.  Rather than buying a bunch of cheap clothes, buy half as many high quality items.  I had hesitations in executing this advice because I go through so many clothes being a fitness expert. When I stumbled across MPG (Mondetta Performance Gear) activewear clothing line,  I found the stamina of the clothes matched the stamina of my workouts.  To date I have not had to discard any MPG wear.  Yes it might not be the least expensive clothes but the love between MPG and I is mutual.

And as a messenger of the MPG activewear brand I’d like to officially invite you to experience MPG with this exclusive 25% off online discount code.

Discount Code:  CRAIGXMPG2012          www.mpgsport.com

Please note, one time use only per customer on regular priced products.  Cannot be combined with other discounts or special offers.  Offer expires 12/31/2012.

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

21 Sep


We are heading into the seasons when a lot of my clients start to experience dandruff problems. Keep it in check by crushing two aspirins to a fine powder and adding it to the normal amount of shampoo you use each time you wash your hair. Leave the mixture on your hair for 1-2 minutes, then rinse well and wash again with your plain shampoo. Let’s keep the snow on the ground this winter!

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

20 Sep


Prevent oily skin and hair by taking 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil a day. Flaxseed is high in essential fatty acids, which have been shown to help improve many skin conditions, including oily skin. To protect it from light and heat, buy the cold-pressed oil in an opaque container and store it in your refrigerator.  Goodbye grease monkey!

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

19 Sep


Oil absorbing blotting papers are a useful beauty product that can keep you looking polished and shine free all day long by removing excess oil from your face. Women can use these without ruining or removing their makeup, and men, you also should be using them! All you need is an old compact case, and men you can use an old playing card case ( recycling!), sheets of rice paper ( for a less natural option you can use gift wrapping tissue paper) and a pair of scissors.

Trace the interior of the case and cut the paper to fit. For those of you that require a bit more oil control you can sprinkle corn powder between the sheets. This is the one  instance a lack luster look is fab!

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

18 Sep

This is a great tip for travelers and those that just need a quick button or collar press. A hair straightener works great for ironing! It gets where a regular iron doesn’t fit.  Use it on minor wrinkles when you’re in a hurry. Just a reminder, wipe it clean before using it on your ruffled feathers!

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

17 Sep


This tip is for the die hard do it yourselfers! This hair gel is safe for any ages and when you get the hang of it can be easy to do.

First boil 1 cup of water in a saucepan on high heat then add 2 tbsp. of golden whole flaxseeds (not brown) and reduce heat to medium. Stir constantly for 6-10 minutes with a whisk to ensure that the seeds do not stick to the bottom! Now keep stirring until a gel forms ( the water will appear thicker and the seeds will rise to the top) DO NOT OVERCOOK!!! Strain Immediately with a mesh sieve on top of a bowl.  With your whisk, stir the seeds in the sieve, so that most of the liquid comes out into the bowl. It will resemble slimy egg whites. In the bowl, stir the gel with a spatula a couple of times and add a few drops of your favorite essential oils (this is optional and also works as a preservative), you can also add a tsp of aloe vera gel (again optional if your hair needs more moisture)  let it sit at room temperature for about half an hour. Wash everything immediately or you will be in one sticky situation, seriously.  Pour into a funnel over your wide-mouth jar or squeeze bottle, shake and put in the fridge.  Now sit back, gelax and enjoy!


Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

14 Sep


Hey guys, how do you groom your eyebrows? And women, you spend so much time on yours I would think more of you would help your fella’s out! I’m not talkin’ about removing a lot of hair and shaping them like a woman’s by creating high or dramatic arches. Simply giving them a tune-up will make the world of difference. Sometimes, just a  trimm or tweezing a couple hairs here and there is all it takes. There are different rules that apply for men than women when shaping the brows.
Some guys think that there shouldn’t be any hair in between their brows. Not true. You can have some hair there it’s a personal preference. This doesn’t mean you should walk around sporting a unibrow either, but you need to know how much to take and where to stop.
Follow these Tips for Grooming your Eyebrows Men ( and women who care )-
Sometimes trimming the brows is enough and its just the bulk and not the shape that needs to go. Trimming keeps brows in place and makes them look lighter and cleaner, so do that first before removing any hair! To keep brows in check, trim every three to four weeks or ask your stylist to cut them when you get your haircut. If more manscaping is required you’ll need a pair of  GOOD tweezers! This will make this a lot easier, faster, and less painful. Speaking of pain here’s a tip… tweeze right after you shower. The follicles will be nice and relaxed and the hair will come out easier.
Thin out the middle between the brows, you don’t have to take away all of the hair. Just tweeze out random thicker hairs, leaving the finer ones. This will thin out the area making the hair less noticeable but not bare. If you are a man that prefers the full Browzilian just make damn sure you don’t go deep.  Here’s how to find where they should begin: Use something straight like your toothbrush, from the outer sides of the ball of your nose (yes you have another ball, it is the tip of your schnoz) to your brows. This is the farthest you EVER go in to remove hair otherwise you risk making them look like a woman’s.  When you’re removing hair on the bottom part of the brow, make straight or slightly curved lines. Stick to just taking hair only outside the main shape. Leaving the line “scattered” and not clean is ideal. After you’ve plucked your peepers use my home made tend skin ( see past tip for recipe) to soothe skin and prevent ingrown hairs.  If you’re man enough to try eyebrow waxing go for it! It’s quicker than tweezing and it’s a better choice if you want more defined brows. Waxing gets the very fine hairs that tweezing  misses. I  suggest tweezing your own brows if you’re new to grooming them. Feel it out first. I wouldn’t recommend waxing your own brows either!  Make an appointment with a professional, find someone who has experience with men’s brows!!! Explain exactly what you want before they leave you depilated. There are other great options out there ( like threading, etc.) if you feel adventurous. Men’s eyebrow ‘s are strong in size and shape for a reason. To balance your large features so err on the side of caution unless you have your beautifully sculptured eye on a spot in Rupaul’s  Drag Race.

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

13 Sep


This is a trick we do backstage at runway shows. If you don’t have rollers on hand or want a really cool curl,  wrap hair in twisted paper towels or rags!  Use more or less leaflets depending on how large or small you want the width of your whorls, make them all different sizes for naturally terrific twists!

Brandon’s Fabulous Beauty Tips

12 Sep


At New York Fashion Week the mani’s are just as gorgeous as the garb!  I posted a tip on how to “nail it the first time… a trial “run” yesterday! This tip will help you perfect the painting you chose for your paws.

A few of the trends in nails that are haute off the catwalk are glamorously gilded nails,  strike gold with this trend. Maybe Navy is more your niche, its just as sexy as black but a bit more casual like a great pair of dark-washed jeans. Sexy swirls can be achieved by picking several colorful hues like the hot color this season chianti with orange and maybe a pink and a navy coiled in hypnotic spirals with a toothpick (its okay if the colors bleed a bit together) will help you create the perfect Nicole Miller runway nail. Nude is the Neutral nail enamel this season, think beige bone…beautiful! 3-D elicious daggers are moody and dramatic, pick 3 colors, start with a dark color first then add a stripe of the mid shade and then  highlight with lightest lacquer. Or make up your own Fabulous fashion nails. To neaten your nail art just dab “FASELINE “  on skin around your cuticles pre-polish. This way, if you make a mistake, the polish, is easily wiped away with the lube.

Nail It the First Time Fashionista!

11 Sep

Nail it the First Time Fashionista!

Nail art is hot on the runways this year at Fashion Week. This tip will let you take a color for a test “run” or create a design and give you the discretion to ditch! You can do this without the mess of applying and removing by simply  placing a small piece of clear tape over your pincer and paint!


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