4 Slim Down Tips for any Special Event.

9 Oct

TIP 1.  Eat for fuel not for fun.  Watch the eating out.  If you do, sauce on the side, go for a lean meat with steamed veggies, always ask “no butter, no oil, as healthy as can be please”. You would be shocked at what junk a restaurant will put in your food for flavoring.  DO NOT skip your breakfast! Food before coffee.  Split your lunch into two portions, separate the feedings by 2 hours.  Cut the carbs in the evening. Eating 6 small meals a day will increase your metaboic rate and burn more calories throughout the day.  This is a good start.

TIP 2.  Workout to intensity.  Find your workout intensity, push through the discomfort.  If you are feeling the burn then you are doing it right. 40 mins weight resistance program, 20 mins interval cardio. 1 hour at the gym max!

TIP 3.  Add morning cardio.  After breakfast hit the  streets for a morning jog, or attack the stairs at your house.  Up quickly, down slowly, this is ideal interval cardio.

TIP 4.  Lemon your water.  There are so many benefits to putting lemon in your water.  Most important it burns more calories. Also relieves many digestion problems. Great for the skin with it’s anti-aging properties.  It can remove wrinkles and blackheads, Toothache or bad breath – Lemon water will help.  Tonsil issues, gargle lemon water frequently.  With it’s high potassium content, lemon water can help control high blood pressure.  It has been known to cure respiratory problems, breathing problems and helps someone suffering from asthma.  Lemons can treat rheumatism and arthritis as it’s a diuretic and flushes out bacteria and toxins.

Some Pillow Talk with @brandonliberati

23 Sep


Are frayed ends leaving you broken hair-ted? Let’s talk about silks! A silk pillow case can reduce split ends, bed head, skin irritations and leave both your hair and skin looking orgasmic! This is because it helps you retain moisture. It has the lowest absorption rate of any fabric, especially cotton. And that means less products like moisturizers and leave-in conditioners that you need to apply on your body. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic with a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and molds. And is made of common amino acids found in your hair and skin. Which means less wrinkles… ON YOUR FACE! Plus it’s machine washable, so tell me just one thing before you go… was it good for you?


Do you need to Quit Smoking??? My husband’s mother has the answer.

8 Sep

My husband’s Mom Vickie wants to help you quit.  She has helped thousands of people this year quit smoking with O2PUR Vapour, (try it $back guarantee) email her at s_v_davey@msn.com or Direct Message me on FB.  Sorry my Canadians – this is for United States only. :(

Once you quit, here are six specific tips to help you stay smoke free:

Tip#1 Turn the Loss Into a Gain

As a recent ex-smoker, you are almost certainly mourning the loss of a good friend. Even though you are feeling better, you may find yourself nostalgic about smoking from time to time, You miss it. You only remember the good moments. You tell yourself you enjoyed smoking. You did? Really? No you didn’t. That’s why they call it addiction.

You can take those feelings of loss and turn them into a gain by doing small things that cumulatively make a big difference. For example, when you brush your teeth, think about how clean and fresh your mouth feels and imagine how it used to feel before you quit. Leave a note on your fridge about how much better food tastes now that you don’t smoke. Get the idea? Focus on what you have gained not what you miss about smoking. Make a gratitude list of things you like about being smoke free and post it near your bed. Read it every night before you go to sleep.

#Tip 2 Reward Yourself for Not Smoking

Every day that you don’t smoke, do something nice for yourself. Here’s my personal favorite. This helped me a lot when I was quitting. Figure out how much money you spent on cigarettes every day. Get a big jar and put that amount of money in it faithfully every day that you do not smoke. Make it a ritual. You will be amazed at how quickly the money adds up. At the end of the week or, if you prefer, the end of the month, use the money you saved in the jar to buy something nice for yourself. Make that something you will use and see and enjoy. It will remind you of your success.

#Tip 3 Get Rid of The Smoke in Your Life.

Now that you can actually smell dead tobacco, you know how awful it is. Get it out of your house, your clothes, your car, your office–everywhere. Wash, scrub, clean, paint, throw away. Get rid of ashtrays, lighters and of course, don’t keep any cigarettes in your home. Do what you have to do to get everything around you clean and sweet smelling. Repaint rooms if you have to. Get your car detailed. Do what you have to do. After you have put in all that time and effort, you won’t want to mess things up by smoking

#Tip 4 Don’t Use Fear of Weight Gain As an Excuse for Relapse

The fact of the matter is you probably will gain some weight when you quit. Do not, under any circumstances, let weight gain drive you back to smoking. Things will subside eventually and you will be able to lose the weight. If you give in and start smoking again, you will be heavier AND smoking and, trust me, I know, you will feel horrible about yourself. There are physiological reasons why you gain weight when you quit smoking. Relax and go with the flow and don’t pick up even one cigarette.

#Tip 5 Stay Away From Your Personal Psychological Triggers

Of course you are going to surround yourself with people who support your non smoking as much as possible. But, you might also want to make some temporary changes in your routine for a few weeks until the new non-smoking you really takes hold. I switched from coffee to tea in the morning because for me, the idea of drinking coffee without having a cigarette was more than I could bear. If you like a few beers after work, you might want to forgo them for a few weeks. Alcohol lowers inhibitions. People tend to smoke in bars, and if you associate smoking and drinking this could be a real pitfall.

If you always smoke first thing in the morning. Brush your teeth and use mouthwash first thing instead. Make a list of your personal triggers. Talking on the phone? Stress at work? after a workout? After meals? Think about the times when you are most likely to miss having a smoke and substitute something else. make it a game.

# Tip 6 Revisit the Medical Literature on Smoking

When I was a smoker I simply tuned out all the statistics about longevity and no part of me wanted to look at pictures of diseased lungs or look at videos made by people with advanced COPD. I somehow operated under the illusion that it could not happen to me. Once I quit, I took another look at all the statistics and found that I saw them with new eyes. I was especially interested in how quickly the body healed from the effects of smoking and how quickly my disease and mortality risks went down. Do some quick surfing on the web and you will be fascinated by what you find that will reinforce your decision not to smoke.

What You Need to Remember

What you need to remember is that you have done a wonderful thing for yourself by quitting. This is true whether you have been smoking for six months or thirty years. By quitting you have added years to your life and life to your years. Whether this is your first try or your tenth, you can make it your last if you remember what I said at the beginning– that there is no such thing as just having one cigarette. You cannot have even one puff. Out wait the urges, use your bag of mental tricks and the desire will lessen, the cravings will become weaker and further and further apart and you will, within a matter of a few months, be really tobacco free. Congratulations on winning your battle with the cigarette beast and welcome to the world of happy, healthy ex-smokers.


For more information visit http://hubpages.com/hub/Staying-off-Cigarette-Cravings-After-Youve-Quit-Smoking

Crunches & Sit-ups DO NOT burn stomach fat

6 Sep

CRUNCHES AND SIT-UPS DO NOT BURN STOMACH FAT!!! I don’t care how many you do, the sit-ups and crunches will never work! Your Abs are there,  they are just covered by a layer of fat.  Let’s attack the Fat with proper cardio. The two best forms of cardio for this are: 1) Running, running requires motion from your entire body, every muscle is activated.  Running burns calories faster than any exercise out there. 2) Stairs, walking up stairs not only gets our heart rate elevated and burning fat, it also is a killer resistance training workout for our legs.  Which will boost your natural testosterone guys, giving you more muscle building, fat burning potential, and as a bonus boosting your libido.  It’s a win, win, win situation.



9 Aug

Hydration is essential to performance, safety and comfort during exercise. If it’s hard, long and intense, the more important it is to drink the proper fluids! Dehydration decreases your performance. Sweating will drop your blood volume which can cause the heart to work over time to circulate blood. These drops in volume lead to muscle cramping, dizziness, fatigue and heat exhaustion. Sport drinks are UNNECESSARY for anyone who is not training for a marathon or Ironman. It is impossible to deplete your body’s stores of sodium, potassium and other electrolytes during normal training. So if you are someone who is justifying drinking these high sugar drinks just because you are “hydrating” it is time to stop. This is not helping your body OR your waistline. If you have a fondness for fructose then try these simple solutions in a glass ( not plastic ) of purified or distilled, fluoride-free drinking water. Try a sprig of fresh mint with organic sliced strawberries. The oils in mint will aid in proper digestion, freshen breath and give you a glowing complexion and strawberries are sweet but very low in natural sugar. Or maybe organic cucumbers and lemons. Lemons in your water will burn extra calories just buy drinking it! Use sliced organic oranges and lime for a liberating libation. These are some of my favorite low sugar, complexion friendly mixes… so drink responsibly!

Today’s Tip: “THE WORLD IS YOUR GYM” – Clean House and Shape Up!

7 Aug

OK, let’s put a BOUNCE IN OUR STEP.  Get excited!  Just motivating your day with energy and enthusiasm will start you on your fitness path.

Do you have chores around the house?  Let’s try lunges and squats in between picking up those toys.  How about a dirty kitchen?  Let’s see how quickly we can clean up that mess.  Let’s do some calf raises while folding laundry.  We can play with the kids outside, like doing some jumping jacks.  How about walking your kids to school and jogging or speed walking back home listening to some of your favorite tunes?  Do you have stairs?  Climb them.  What about while watching some evening T.V.? Try stretching, or doing some couch sitting squats.  Turn your regular day into a fitness day.

Too many people, especially women, try and control their weight (size) by under eating.  This NEVER works. You may have a skinny body, but it will be an unhealthy one that is not capable of sustaining vital activity or longevity.  Eat your small portioned breakfast, divide your lunch into two small portions, and separate them by 3 hours. Eat your carb free dinner, and have 2 protein small snacks in the day.  This totals 6 times during the day you should be consuming food.  It works. Keep the portions down, but eat them often.



4 Aug



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